I am not a Climate Change denier. There is some evidence that, all else equal, human activity may contribute at the margin to a very gradual increase in the Earth’s average temperature. However, that doesn’t mean that it will cause a cataclysm, that it is the biggest problem facing the world, or that an infinite price should be paid to halt or reverse it. The inability or unwillingness to put it in proper perspective, do sensible cost/benefit analysis, and seek realistic solutions is what keeps the Climate Change Movement from being a force for good.

The fundamental fact of human existence is that our wants are infinite and our resources are limited. I believe in spending reasonable sums for research and development on solar and other technological improvements that may solve the problem or help manage the consequences at an acceptable cost to humanity.

But as this peer reviewed paper by Bjorn Lomborg shows using the standard MAGICC Climate Model, the current prescriptions of the Climate Change Movement call for the world to spend on the order of $85 TRILLION through 2100, with an effect of only 0.17 degrees Celsius. This is almost zero progress for an incredible cost, while hundreds of millions of people in the world are starving, lack basic sanitation, and don’t have access to electricity.

What a stunning thing that such a group of people with collectively high IQs can be so blinded to common sense. Something tells me that incentive-caused bias (promoting the view that will keep their research budgets well-funded) is not limited to those pushing fossil fuels. Not to mention the profiteering by Al Gore and friends which by some accounts has him approaching billionaire status.

It is the responsibility of sensible people in the scientific community to think outside the box and work to create technological solutions to the problem. Not to demand a gigantic and pointless penance from humanity which cannot even properly feed and clothe all of its members.

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