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I’ve made much of what I see as the stupid tactics of some of the Tea Party firebrands in the Republican Party, including the threat to default on the national debt, which would have sent the economy and markets into another financial crisis.

However, the Democrats seem to be immolating themselves with the disastrous rollout of Obamacare. It turns out that it looks as bad or worse than the Republicans have warned. Memo to Big Government Progressives: if you are going to create a giant new social program, you best make sure that its consequences aren’t much worse than the problems it was designed to fix.

In addition to the website disaster, which was caused by a no-bid contract being given to a company where one of Michelle Obama’s college chums works as an executive, there are many grievous tales of woe. Such as: giant premium increases and people getting booted out of their old plans and losing the ability to keep their doctors.

All of this is causing much confusion and angst, even among people who shouldn’t be directly affected, such as those on Medicare. The number of people 65 and older that are shaking in their boots is amazing, even if unwarranted. This is turning into a PR disaster well beyond the scope of the people who will be directly harmed.

It seems that Phil Gramm’s 20-year-old comment that Democrats wanted to remake the health care system in the image of the Post Office has been proven correct.

The big problem for Progressives is that this completely discredits their vision that giving more and more power to an elite group of brilliant and credentialed “experts” is the best way to organize society.

There is an opening here for sober, business-like Republicans. Rather than standing athwart reality yelling stop, they should propose realistic changes that will gut the law to make the lives of people better, while dialing down the rhetoric to allow President Obama and the Democrats to save face and do the right thing. Come on Republicans! Prove that you are Americans first and do the right thing. If you do, you will have the gratitude of the American people and the victories in future elections that you desire.

What an irony that the party of Big Government keeps proving that it can’t govern its way out of a paper bag.